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    Screen Locations

    Main panel

    Supports animated advertisements such as videos, flash animations, or PowerPoint animations as well as flyers in landscape orientation.

    Side panel

    Supports static, non-moving advertisements in portrait orientation

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    Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it sweet!

    When making content, less can be more. Remember that the information in an ad is more important than fancy animations and graphics. Be careful not to include too many elements.

    Be Inspired.

    Want to make a parody video for your upcoming a cappella concert? A music video for the debate club? Do it! The more creativity and fun you put into your submission, the more effective it will be getting the attention of your peers.

    Location, Location, Location.

    Location is everything. When submitting your content, make sure to choose the most relevant screen location(s) for your ads. This helps ensure your content is seen by the right people. Click here to see the screen locations on campus.

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    Main Panel Ads

      Durham - Size: 10.5” x 7” or 900px by 600px

      Manchester- Size: 1280px by 630px

    • All ads will be limited to 30 seconds
    • Landscape oriented
    • Submitted as PowerPoint, Flash (.swf), .wmv, .mov, .mpeg, .jpeg, .pdf, .bmp, .png
    • If using PowerPoint, make sure all animations are automatic and 1 slide
    • File size must be less than 20MB

    Side Panel Ads

      Durham - Size: 7” x 11” or 380px by 600 px

    • Portrait Oriented
    • Should be submitted as .jpeg, .pdf, .bmp, .gif, .png
    • Font sizes of 32 or greater for legibility
    • Display time of 15 seconds
    • File size must be less than 20 MB

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